Canada‘s most populated downtowns, ranked »

  1. Toronto » 275,931 people
  2. Vancouver » 121,932
  3. Montréal » 109,509
  4. Ottawa » 67,169
  5. Edmonton » 55,387

Vancouver was shown to have the most densely populated downtown, with 18,837 inhabitants per square kilometre, followed by Toronto at 16,608 inhabitants per square kilometre.

By comparison, there were 28,668 people per square kilometre in Manhattan in 2020, the densest borough in New York.

The vastness of Canada makes our overall population density among the lowest in the world, with four inhabitants per square kilometre. For the 41 largest urban areas 100,000 in Canada combined, there are 226 people per square kilometre.

Most urban centres across Canada, large and small, are generally structured the same way. The downtown is usually characterized by a high concentration of apartments, condos, offices, shops, restaurants, theatres, and bars. While most urban centres take on a similar form, each is unique in that they reflect the character of the Canadians who live there.

The 2021 Canada census showed that 3.5 percent of people living in Canada (1,281,474) were living in the downtowns of one of the 41 urban centres in May 2021.

Downtowns are growing fast, and more rapidly than before. From 2016 to 2021, the downtown populations of the large urban centres grew faster (+10.9 percent) than the urban centres as a whole (+6.1 percent). The populations of downtowns also grew at over twice the pace compared with the previous census cycle (+4.6 percent).

Source » Statistics Canada