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Rapid ice melts caused by climate change have increased the commercial feasibility of sailing trans-Arctic routes much earlier than expected

The report suggest » Aggressive actions should be taken to strengthen the Arctic environmental protect.

Michael Allen, writing in Hakai Magazine »

As the climate warms and sea ice melts, trans-Arctic shipping routes are becoming easier to navigate, a prospect that is enticing to freight companies. These routes can cut up to 9,000 kilometers off a one-way trip between East Asia and Europe compared with shipping through the Suez or Panama Canals—shortcuts that clip roughly 40 percent off the voyage. »

The names of many NWT locations are relics of colonization. Work is under way to change that.

Emily Blake, Cabin Radio »

Rylund Johnson, the MLA for Yellowknife North, told the legislature on Friday it’s well past time that the territorial government renamed places to better reflect the North’s history and culture.

He suggested starting with Great Slave Lake, a name usually traced to a Cree word referring to Dene people as slaves.

Johnson questioned whether the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (named for Prince Charles), the Mackenzie River (named for Scottish explorer Alexander Mackenzie) and the Mackenzie Mountains (honouring Canada’s second prime minister, Alexander Mackenzie) would also be renamed.

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