David Silverberg, writing for the BBC »

When Jim Estill saw the horrors of the Syrian Civil War on television, he decided he would do something to help.

A successful Canadian businessman, he vowed to enable Syrian refugees to settle in Canada, simply because “it was the right thing to do”.

This was back in 2015, and although the Canadian government was in the process of setting up an official scheme to take in people fleeing Syria, Jim was frustrated by all the delays.

“I could see the crisis happening in Syria, and I did not think [Western] governments were doing things fast enough,” says the 62-year old.

So Jim decided he would take matters into his own hands – he would spend 1.5m Canadian dollars ($1.1m; £910,000) of his own money bringing Syrian refugees from the Middle East to his home city of Guelph, Ontario, some 60 miles (95km) west of Toronto.

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