Tracey Lindeman, writing in The Guardian ยป

By New Yearโ€™s Day, Mike and Georgina Parsons โ€“ and their dog โ€“ will be the only permanent residents of Little Bay Islands. At 53 and 44 respectively, they are the islandโ€™s youngest full-time residents.

They moved to the community a few years back, attracted to the idea of living off the grid in Mikeโ€™s hometown, and have spent the last couple of years preparing for a life of solitude on the edge of the Atlantic.

As winter draws near residents have been slowly filing out, each weekend bringing more farewells. At least half the numbers in the phone directory have been disconnected. Many residents intend to return to their homes in the summers, but for others this may be goodbye.

Watching his parents and other residents pack up and go is tough, said Parsons. โ€œIn spite of the fact that 100% of the permanent residents here voted to leave, I know that to actually do it, to pack up their things and leave, is just heartbreaking.โ€