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Town of Banff prohibits smoking in parks, trails, sidewalks, pedestrian zones, bus stops and outdoor events and markets

The province of Alberta already prohibits smoking near places like hospitals, schools, zoos, pools and splash pads.

Helen Pike, writing in the CBC »

Smoking and vaping in a popular resort town in Banff National Park will be banned soon in most public places.

Other than ceremonial use of tobacco, visitors and residents in Banff, Alta., will be allowed to puff only in parking lots, on private property and alleyways — as long as they aren’t near a door, window or child not under the smoker’s care.

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Parks Canada are planting the future and saving whitebark and limber pine

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. » Nelson Henderson

Parks Canada via YouTube »

Whitebark and limber pine are at risk of extinction. Seven national parks have joined forces to recover, monitor and protect these special trees. Journey into the mountains to learn more about the threats to whitebark and limber pine, and what Parks Canada is doing to help.

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Parks Canada » Banff National Park: Fire & Climate Change

Parks Canada via YouTube »

Climate change; it’s here. As a result, fire seasons are becoming longer and more severe. The good news is that there are ways we can adapt to our changing climate.

Parks Canada is working to create landscapes in Banff National Park that are more resilient to climate change through prescribed fire, fuel management and managing wildfire. By removing built up fuels (branches, logs, trees) and opening meadows for drought and fire tolerant species like Douglas fir and aspen, Parks Canada can help protect our local communities and the plants and animals that call Banff home.

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