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Cpl. Francis Pegahmagabow, known as “Peggy,” is the most decorated Indigenous soldier in Canadian history and the deadliest sniper of World War One.

A hundred years ago, when Indigenous people weren’t allowed to volunteer to fight in the war, Canadian Forces began to suffer significant losses and only then was Pegahmagabow to enlist.

Over the next four years, he fought in the most horrific battles of the war, including Passchendaele, Somme and the second battle of Ypres when the Germans used chlorine gas.

“He won the military medal three times, and is one of 38 Canadians to ever do this and those are awarded by the Battalion Brigade Commander,” notes author and historian Timothy Winegard.

So how is it that Pegahmagabow’s exploits are not taught in Canadian history?

Remembrance Day 2021: The story of Canada's most decorated Indigenous soldier