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Canada’s top five largest cities, ranked by population

With the spring 2021 census, we learned Canada was home to 36,991,981 people, 1.8 million (5.2 percent) more in just five years.

Among the almost 37 million people living in Canada in the Spring of 2021, close to 27.3 million, nearly three in four, lived in one of Canada’s 41 urban centres.

The 41 urban centres, all have a population of 100,000 or more people, and accounted for most of Canada’s population growth from 2016 to 2021.

This list ranks the cities with populations of 1 million or more people.

  1. Toronto » 2.8 million people
  2. Montréal » 1.8M
  3. Calgary » 1.3 million
  4. Edmonton » 1 million
  5. Ottawa »1 million

Source » Statistics Canada

5 most populated downtowns in Canada

Canada‘s most populated downtowns, ranked »

  1. Toronto » 275,931 people
  2. Vancouver » 121,932
  3. Montréal » 109,509
  4. Ottawa » 67,169
  5. Edmonton » 55,387

Vancouver was shown to have the most densely populated downtown, with 18,837 inhabitants per square kilometre, followed by Toronto at 16,608 inhabitants per square kilometre.

By comparison, there were 28,668 people per square kilometre in Manhattan in 2020, the densest borough in New York.

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10 most populated cities in Canada

The 2021 Canadian census recorded the population of the country to be 36,991,981. That’s an increase of 5.2 percent above the 2016 census, which recorded 35,151,728.

Canada continues to urbanize. Close to 27.3 million people, or nearly three in four Canadians, lived in one of the countries 41 urban centres.

These are the 10 most populated in Canada »

  1. Toronto » 2,794,356 people
  2. Montréal » 1,762,949
  3. Calgary » 1,306,784
  4. Ottawa » 1,017,449
  5. Edmonton » 1,010,899
  6. Winnipeg » 749,607
  7. Mississauga » 717,961
  8. Vancouver » 662,248
  9. Brampton » 656,480
  10. Hamilton » 569,353

Source » Statistics Canada

Fun Fact » Most already know that Toronto is the most populated municipality in Canada.  Did you know that Toronto (2.8M) is also the 4th largest city in North America, after Mexico City (9.8M), New York City (8.8M), and Los Angeles (3.9M).

NatGeo Traveller UK publishes Ottawa city guide

National Geographic Traveller (UK) »

No trip to Ottawa is complete without a visit to the National Gallery Of Canada, with its roll call of great paintings by the likes of Matisse, Van Gogh, Mondrian and Klimt. Don’t miss ornate Rideau Street Chapel: originally part of the Convent of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, it was painstakingly relocated, piece by piece to the National Gallery, where it can be explored to the accompaniment of haunting music. Also worth checking out is the nearby Ottawa Art Gallery — free to enter, it’s chock-full of contemporary Canadian art.

ByWard Market, the historic area east of the Parliament Buildings, is packed with bars and restaurants, including the legendary BeaverTails kiosk (the ‘beaver tails’ in question aren’t the real thing, thankfully, but fried pastries dusted in sugar). For real local flavour, however, you need to strike out to Ottawa’s neighbourhoods. Start south, in upmarket The Glebe, where Victorian-era townhouses meet the sports fields of Lansdowne Park and the curve of the Rideau Canal. Dive into a maple and bacon oatmeal bowl at Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe, then thumb through old tomes over a coffee at Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar. Alternatively, join the queue at Kettlemans Bagel, which has been keeping the locals well-fed with freshly baked bagels for nearly three decades. »

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