Anton Khomenko (left) and Alex Tarasov, who recently arrived in Winnipeg from Ukraine, help build beds during the annual Beds For Kids event. (Daniel Crump / Winnipeg Free Press)

Ryan Thorpe, Winnipeg Free Press »

“We knew there was going to be a number of Ukrainian families coming to Winnipeg. We suspected there was going to be a need. So we reached out to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and told them who we were and how we wanted to help, and it turned out that was exactly their need,” Thiessen said.

SHPW will install the beds in homes in the near future — a process which takes roughly 15 minutes — and Thiessen said any of the volunteers involved in building them will be invited along.

“That’s the magical moment. That’s what really hooks people, because you’re able to see the look on the child’s face when they see their bed for the first time. It’s incredible,” Thiessen said. »