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Watch Prince Charles acknowledge indigenous suffering at residential schools in Canada

Prince Charles, on the final day of his whirlwind three-day cross-Canadian outing, ‘acknowledged’ the suffering of indigenous children who survived residential schools. No apology was offered for the role of the

Many had urged the Royal Family to offer an apology for their role in the ‘assimilation and genocide’ at Canada’s indigenous boarding schools. None has been offered.

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“I want to acknowledge their suffering and to say how much our hearts go out to them and their families,” Charles said Thursday night in Yellowknife in front of hundreds of people.

Quintessential Canadian headline » Snowmobile shortage expected in Yellowknife — again


For the second year in a row, demand for sleds far outweighs available stock, says the owner of snowmobile retailer Polar Tech Recreation.

“We ordered 300 snowmobiles and they cancelled 100 of them. And then they called again last week and said 100 of the sleds that are coming, won’t be here until February,” said Joey Sutton.

“So it’s going to be a challenge this winter, for sure. There’s going to be some fairly unhappy customers, I think, again this year.”

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