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Whistler and Quebec City rank among the best winter vacation destinations in the world

U.S News & World Report has revealed its 2022/23 list of 21 winter destinations in the world.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii
  2. Sydney, Australia
  3. Lucerne, Switzerland
  4. Galapagos Islands
  5. St. Lucia
  6. Hanoi, Vietnam
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Turks & Caicos
  9. Rio de Janeiro
  10. Phuket, Thailand
  11. Quebec City 🍁
  12. Rome, Italy
  13. Curacao
  14. U.S. Virgin Islands
  15. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  16. Dubai
  17. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada
  18. Whistler 🍁
  19. Auckland, New Zealand
  20. Park City, Utah
  21. Tulum, Mexico

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GM’s BrightDrop begins production at Canada’s first large-scale EV plant

The first BrightDrop electric delivery vans rolled off the Ontario assembly line Monday, December 5.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford joined GM at the opening of Canada’s first full-scale electric-vehicle manufacturing plant.

The GM plant in Ingersoll had been assembling gasoline-powered vehicles for more than three decades.

The plant will now build BrightDrop Zevo 600 electric delivery vans. GM aims to have as many as 50,000 of them rolling off this assembly line per year by 2025.

The announcement means Canada is the BrightDrop’s first international market.

BrightDrop also announced DHL Express was its first Canadian customer. DHL plans to add its first BrightDrop Zevo electric delivery vans to its fleet early next year.

Sources » BrightDrop Press Release / GM Investor RelationsReuters / Just Auto / Detroit Free Press / Green Car Congress / Electric Autonomy Canada / Canada Auto World / TechCrunch / The Verge / AFP via Barrons

Quebec adding 27 species to lists of those vulnerable and threatened

The Canadian Press is reporting that Quebec’s Environment Minister Benoit Charette made the announcement on Monday at the COP15 Youth Summit, taking place along side the UN Biodiversity Conference which opens Tuesday December 6th in Montreal.

The Quebec government is updating its list of threatened or vulnerable species for the first time in more than a decade, with 27 species either added or deemed in greater danger.

Among the 16 species being upgraded to threatened are the western chorus frog, the little brown bat and the rusty-patched bumblebee.

Another 11 species are being labelled as vulnerable including the two-spotted ladybug, the fin whale, the water snake and the bobolink, a songbird.

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Source » The Canadian Press via The Toronto Star


Saskatchewan population surpasses 1.2 million people

The Government of Saskatchewan announced that as of December 4, 2022 the province’s population has reached 1.2 million people.

Saskatchewan accounts for only three percent of Canada’s total population of 39.1 million people.

Saskatchewan is the least populated province west of the maritime provinces. It ranks sixth, behind Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba.

Just last month the Government of Canada set bold immigration targets for the next three years, however Saskatchewan has set a target of only 1.4 million residents, which it hopes to reach by the end of the decade.

Source » CBC / CTV


Cyclesmith bike shop in Halifax claims paying employees a living wage improved business

Adam Inniss, writing for the Halifax City News »

“It’s already paid off in spades,” Cyclesmith owner Andrew Feenstra told CityNews Halifax.

The living wage is calculated annually by the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives. It is the amount of money someone would have to make hourly to afford a comfortable life in a given area.

When Cyclesmith began doing this, Policy Alternatives calculated the living wage for Halifax to be $21.80/hour.

That wage has now been bumped up to $23.50, and Cyclesmith has raised its wages to meet that number.

“Ultimately, it’s the right thing to do,” said Feenstra.

Mastodon Canada’s State of the Instance – November 2022

Chad Ohman, the sysop for writes »

I’ll start off with this: It’s been one hell of a month for Mastodon Canada.

The instance grew from less than 60 users to what is now 24 500 users in the span of just two weeks. It went from an experiment to a service demanding significant infrastructure, moderation, and governance. I want to offer a warm welcome to everyone and thanks for their patience as I bolstered Mastodon Canada with the necessary server capacity to handle the load.

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