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Cyclesmith bike shop in Halifax claims paying employees a living wage improved business

Adam Inniss, writing for the Halifax City News »

“It’s already paid off in spades,” Cyclesmith owner Andrew Feenstra told CityNews Halifax.

The living wage is calculated annually by the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives. It is the amount of money someone would have to make hourly to afford a comfortable life in a given area.

When Cyclesmith began doing this, Policy Alternatives calculated the living wage for Halifax to be $21.80/hour.

That wage has now been bumped up to $23.50, and Cyclesmith has raised its wages to meet that number.

“Ultimately, it’s the right thing to do,” said Feenstra.

Parks Canada are planting the future and saving whitebark and limber pine

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. » Nelson Henderson

Parks Canada via YouTube »

Whitebark and limber pine are at risk of extinction. Seven national parks have joined forces to recover, monitor and protect these special trees. Journey into the mountains to learn more about the threats to whitebark and limber pine, and what Parks Canada is doing to help.

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