This will increase electricity rates while costing jobs and revenue for municipalities and landowners, according to the Pembina Institute.

“The government’s sudden announcement of an unprecedented moratorium on the lowest-cost new electricity available in Alberta puts 91 projects and $25 billion of investments and associated jobs for Albertans and revenues for municipalities at risk. It creates uncertainty around future investments while adding unnecessary red tape to these projects.

“While other provinces with Conservative governments, like Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario have created calls for new renewable investments, adding wind and solar to their grids to lower the costs of electricity for consumers, Alberta appears to be heading in the opposite direction. Wind and solar have been proven to reduce energy prices and this announcement will put at risk the affordability of electricity for Albertans.

“The summer has also shown that fires and smoke are making the growing costs of climate change all too real for Albertans and Canadians. Accelerating the deployment of wind and solar energy in a responsible way is an essential part of the solution to the climate crisis.