Persons Day 2021

Persons Day 2021

Telling Times - History of Women's Right to Vote

Five Alberta women activists, later known as the “Famous Five”, secured the rights of women as “persons” in Canada and throughout the Commonwealth. The difficult legal battle, begun in 1927, is a turning point in the struggle for women’s equality in Canada.

This gave some women the right to be appointed to the Senate of Canada and paved the way for women’s increased participation in public and political life. Though this decision did not include all women, such as Indigenous women and women of Asian heritage and descent, it did mark critical progress in the advancement of gender equality in Canada.

So, October 18 is celebrated as “Persons Day” in Canada!

Heritage Minutes: Emily Murphy

Since that historic judgment, the Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case honouring Canadians who advance gender equality have been handed out in October. Over 200 people from coast to coast to coast have received the award since 1979.

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