On July 30, 2021, the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto found Kevin J. Johnston in contempt of court for repeatedly and deliberately violating its prior Order prohibiting his hate speech directed at Mohamad Fakih, the CEO and Founder of Paramount Foods. Following a separate sentencing hearing on September 22, 2021, Justice Myers sentenced Johnston to be incarcerated for 18 months beginning on January 4, 2022. (Source » Fakih’s Lawyers)

Shanifa Nasser, CBC News »

Kevin J. Johnston has been sentenced to 18 months behind bars for publicly branding Mohamad Fakih a “terrorist” and a “baby killer” after being ordered to stop defaming the Paramount Fine Foods owner two years ago.

The sentence comes after Johnston was charged earlier this year with contempt for continuing to make racist, defamatory statements about Fakih, a Toronto restaurateur and philanthropist, despite an injunction by an Ontario judge in 2019 to stop.

At the time, Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Ferguson ordered Johnston to pay $2.5 million for defamatory comments against Fakih in a series of videos and posts on his website starting in July 2017. Ferguson said in her ruling Johnston exhibited “hate speech at its worst, targeting people solely because of their religion.”

Adam Toy, Global News » 

Right-wing social media personality and Calgary mayoral candidate Kevin J. Johnston was handed an 18-month jail sentence on Monday for being found in contempt of a court injunction.

Johnston had called Mohamad Fakih — owner of Paramount Fine Foods — a “terrorist” and “baby killer” six times in online broadcasts and at rallies earlier this year despite a 2019 court order forbidding him to make defamatory statements about Fakih.